5th Grade Expectations

We expect great things from Marlow fifth graders and they typically deliver!  The items below are brief descriptions of some of the requirement students will  be expected to meet throughout the year.

*Students will be required to read Accelerated Reader (AR) books each nine weeks and acquire 15 points. Students should be reading at least thirty minutes each night.

*Agendas are a vital part of communication between teachers and parents.  They are also a tool to help students organize their responsibilities such as homework and upcoming events.  Students will fill out their agendas each day and it will be the students' responsibility to get his/her agenda signed each evening by his/her parent or guardian.  

*Homework is also part of each student's responsibilities.  It is a necessary part of education that is directly tied to students' performances.  Completion of homework assignments is expect and failure to do so will result in a loss of citizenship points.  

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